It’s instinctive for parents to do everything necessary to protect their children. This action extends to most animals.

Carra Mathewson is a Riverside County Animal Services Officer. She responded to a call where a stray cat had a jar of peanut butter stuck on her head. The cat was named, of all things, Skippy.

A concerned resident called about poor Skippy, who was wandering the property in obvious distress. With the help of a hand tool and some determination, Mathewson removed the peanut butter jar.

Skippy had other issues that needed addressing. Mathewson rushed her to the San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus for immediate treatment.

The sick cat was covered in maggots, a sure sign her body was shutting down. Miraculously though, the vet discovered Skippy was pregnant.

It was as if she knew she needed to get as close to a human as possible. Skippy knew that was the only way she’d receive help for her babies. The jar of peanut butter was that catalyst she used to obtain that aid. If it hadn’t been removed when it was, she would’ve died along with her unborn kittens.

Skippy safely delivered four healthy kitties. Sadly, she was too weak, her body too far gone to be saved. This brave mama kitty will always be remembered for what she sacrificed for her babies. She proved that like humans, animals will do anything for their children.

Her kittens are thriving. They’ve been placed with foster carers who feed them to ensure they grow up strong and healthy. They will then be ready for adoption, where they will find forever homes, all thanks to their mother who did what she had to for them.