Fans of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife Beth Chapman are concerned that the brave, outspoken reality-tv star may be looking at her last days on earth following a cryptic Friday morning tweet suggesting that she may live to see the end of the year, Pop Culture reports.

As you may know, Beth and Duane are currently working on a new show titled “Dog’s Most Wanted,” that until recently was initially scheduled to debut on WGN America this year.

However, late Thursday night Beth retweeted another user’s tweet about the upcoming show. The post that she retweeted promoted the show, saying it was to arrive later this year. But Beth wrote, “Apparently not this year” followed by a sad-faced emoji.

Another Twitter user responded to Beth’s tweet, stating that she’s been anticipating the show’s premiere for some time. Beth replied in a tweet, saying “I know me to [sic] I was hoping to at least see it air,” followed by an emoji of a hand over a mouth.

Beth, as you may know, is currently battling stage IV lung cancer.

Several fans interpreted her response to that tweet to mean that she didn’t expect to live past this year to see the show premiere.

For example, one user wrote that she thought that Beth was broadly hinting at something significant.

“Something telling me you know more about something your [sic] not telling us.”

Another referenced her cancer battle more directly.

“Does this have to do with the cancer or the air date. Hope all is well.”

Multiple other users joined in to wish her well, with many encouraging her that she will indeed live to see her new show air.

As of this writing, there haven’t been any reports that Beth’s cancer battle has entered its final stages, there’s only vague speculation.

Let’s all pray for Beth not only to live to see her and her husband’s new show premiere but to see the premieres of many more seasons for years to come.