Beth Chapman and her husband Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Champman are in the fight of their lives as Beth continues her long battle with cancer.

However, during a recent interview with Dog, the gravity of their ordeal really hit home as he expressed the pain he and his wife are going through in what could be her final battle against the deadly disease.

Back in 2017, Beth was first diagnosed with throat cancer, but after having the tumor removed her cancer went into remission.

Unfortunately, late last year, the 51-year-old mom was told her condition had returned, and this time it spread from her throat to her lungs.

When speaking about his wife’s health to Hollywood Life, Duane reportedly struggled to fight back the tears as he recalled the moment his wife told him that she might be dying.

During an emotional interview, the 66-year-old said:

 “The other day she said to me, ‘I’m not sure, but I could be dying.’ She said, ‘I want you to look where I’m at. I’m on the road, chasing bad guys with my family, Duane. You know, when we’re out there chasing bad guys, we don’t think about it. It’s not even real.”

The reality-TV star, who first met his wife in 1986, went on to explain how their show had been a “welcome distraction” from the terrible news, stating:

“I’m Chiricahua [a Native American tribe] and I believe in G-O-D. That is my name spelled backwards and I’ve never had such a challenge in my life. I am there for her and I’m not going to let her die.”

The reality TV star first confirmed the return of his wife’s cancer back in November 2018, revealing that she’d been rushed to the hospital with a lump in her throat.

“I cry all the time,” he admitted to InTouch Weekly. “I think I’m in a bad dream and I need to wake up. People keep saying to me, ‘Dog, are you OK?’ But I’m not the one who’s sick.”

He continued: “I am going to be right here with her. I have to keep faith, I am the leader of the family. [Beth] thinks she is, but I am. I have to keep it where I don’t have any doubts and keep everything positive. I love my honey so much, I don’t know what I’m gonna do.”

Sadly, his wife’s cancer isn’t the first tragedy to strike in Duane’s life. In 2006, his 23-year-old daughter died in a car accident the day before her dad’s wedding.

Barbara Katie was one of 12 of Duane’s children and was survived by her father as well as her mother Lyssa Greene as well as her four-year-old son.

Dog was reportedly told about the tragedy just before the wedding ceremony. He decided to go through with the marriage anyway. Dog announced his daughter’s passing at the reception, which he turned into a celebration of her life.

May God be with Beth and Duane as continue to fight the good fight together as one.