When this pup, Marty, arrived in pain at the Hempstead Animal Shelter, volunteers knew it would be a long journey. Marty had been shot in the face, which in turn broke his jaw. This wasn’t any ordinary dog, though, and what happened after his recovery was remarkable.

Marty was a stray dog that would wander the streets at night. One night, a police officer saw Marty coming towards her and, without hesitation, pulled out her gun and fired. The bullet went through Marty’s head, broke his jaw, and ended up underneath the dog’s tongue.

This wasn’t the first time this officer had shot a dog. The shelter’s staff thinks the dog must have alarmed her or she misinterpreted the dog’s mannerisms.

Somehow, though, Marty managed to survive and was rushed into surgery. Now, thankfully, he is doing much better.

Volunteers at the shelter don’t know exactly where the pup came from before he was a stray, but they do know he must have been trained because he knows simple commands. A favorite is when someone asks for a high-five and he sticks his paw out for whoever wants to hold it.

Unfortunately, Marty has been at the shelter for quite a while, and the loneliness has started to take a toll on him. All he really wants is human interaction and love.

Marty is in need of someone who will take the very best care of him. Someone who will give him love and comfort. If you think that you would be a good match for Marty, or you know someone else who would be, please contact the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter at (516) 785-5220, or via email at animalinfo@tohmail.org.

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