Cops see too much of the bad in our world. They’re our first defense when it comes to shielding the public from viewing horrific crime scenes, pulling over drivers who shouldn’t be behind the wheel. They will walk into danger, not knowing how instances will end. And with this particular stop, one officer will save an innocent child.

State Police Officer, Toby Lafave was working an evening shift when he spotted a Cadillac weaving down the freeway going well over the appropriate speed limit. He pulled the vehicle over and requested the driver exit the car.

He observed something that concerned him: A child was in the car’s front seat. She wasn’t buckled in; nor did she have a booster seat.

The woman informed the officer she was afraid to drive on the freeway; this was her reason for traveling at such a high speed. She was worried about her 6-year-old niece who was the child in the car with her. The child was frightened. Officer Lafave noticed how unsteady the woman was on her feet. She failed several tests that measured her sobriety.

The observant officer arrested her and called the station. He could barely force out the words to dispatch, saying that this little girl needed to have someone come and pick her up. “That makes my heart hurt,” he said.

This poor scared little girl was being left all alone while her aunt, the supposed adult who is supposed to be responsible was under arrest. Officer Lafave kept his dash cam rolling as he cuffed the woman and escorted her to his squad car. Watch the video to see what happened next.

The astute cop is reminded of the seriousness of the situation when he pops the vehicle’s trunk. This stoic officer begins to cry. This is a man who truly cares about protecting, serving and caring for those in his community. To see what made him break down, click on the video.