A mother’s love and dedication to her children kicks in at the very early stages of pregnancy, and it remains long after the children have grown and become able to fend for themselves. One simply never stops being a mom.

Today, I am 21-years-old and my mom continues to go out of her way for me when necessary, as if I was still her little girl. Considering that she’s over twice my age, it doesn’t matter how old get, she’ll always be older, wiser, and more experienced.

No one wants to be alone when he/she is sick. In fact, it is the positivity and high energy of others that can be one of the biggest helps in nursing us back to health. Having people around to be an encouragement when we are the least uplifted is a blessing. Loved ones gathering around you to do all that they can to ensure that you are well again is something that we would all want.

One elderly woman got exactly that, according to a video posted on Facebook. 

She’s 76-years-old and was laying in bed with tubes hooked up to her nose, when the most wonderful surprise walked through the front door.

“Look who’s here grandma,” exclaimed one of her grandchildren.

The grandmother looked up and was instantly excited.

“Oh! Oh!” she shouted as she placed her Ginger Ale down. “Mom?”

“Yes,” her mother called out.

With the help of some relatives, her 97-year-old mother walks over to her, and the two share a kiss and hug.

Within their embrace, they are weeping and sharing sweet words with one another.

“I love you,” one cried.

“I love you, too,” said the other.

It is quite evident that seeing her mother was very unexpected, but it is a surprise that I am sure she really needed.

We hope that the joy of having her mother there raises her spirits as she goes through this trying time, and we will continue to pray that she gets better in the end.

I absolutely loved this video. You can check it out for yourself below.