A baby boy has died after falling into a bucket of scalding water and suffering catastrophic burns as his mother prepared his bath.

Doctors had battled to save Daniil Chernenko after he suffered burns to 80 per cent of his body.

His heart stopped beating after 11 days in a critical condition, just two days after his first birthday and staff at the hospital in Odessa were unable to resuscitate him.

Tetyana Chernenko was with her son when he died and has not been able to forgive herself for what happened, according to reports.

Please say a prayer for little Daniil and for his devastated family who will grieve his lost for the rest of their lives – especially his heartbroken mother. I cannot imagine what she must be going through right now.

Original Story:

A mother’s tragic mistake results in her 11-month-old baby suffering major burns all over his little body.

For Tetyana, bath time is a daily routine, one that she’s done without incident for the past 11 months of her son’s life.

Image via  The Sun

After filling a bucket with boiling hot water, the mother lugged it into her bedroom.

She then placed the bucket next to the table.

The Ukrainian would then begin the process of mixing the water for her baby son’s bath.

However, as she turned around to collect the cold water, she registers baby Daniil playing on the table.

“I turned and saw how he fell in the boiling water,” the distraught mum told The Sun.

“I rushed to the bucket and pulled him out.

“I hugged him, then wrapped him in a cotton cloth.

“When I unwrapped him, I saw his skin was peeling off.”

Image via  The Sun

Little Daniil was rushed immediately to a hospital in Odesa in critical condition.

At least 80 percent of the child’s body was covered in serious burns.

Only his fingers, toes, and forehead were spared.

Image via  The Sun

Doctors at the hospital confirmed that they are doing everything humanly possible to save the baby’s life, but they do not want to discuss his chances for survival at this time.

Nurses added that baby Daniil’s voice has grown hoarse from continuous crying caused by his excruciating pain.

“His condition is very serious,” Vadim Shukhtin, the head of Odessa Region Clinical Hospital, said.

“He is receiving all possible treatment and medication.”

As for Tetyana, the distraught mother is refusing to leave her son’s bedside, unable to forgive herself for what her child must now endure.

Police are reportedly treating this incident as an accident.

Most parents can sympathize with the horror of taking their attention away from their children for a second only to barely avert disaster.

Sadly, for many parents, that second comes too late.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Tetyana and her baby Daniil, may she find peace and he a speedy recovery.