104-year-old Anne Brokenbow has never known the wrong side of the law in her life.

However, the Brittish centenarian, who’s a resident at the Stokeleigh Care Home in Stoke Bishop, Bristol, was able to scratch off one item on her bucket wish list after she was arrested and “detained” by two officers as part of a charity event.

The home just one of five facilities in the area participating in the Wishing Washing Line initiative.

PC Stephen Harding and his colleague PSCO Kelly Foyle drove up to the home in the early morning hours to conduct the arrest before escorting Mrs. Brokenbow, in handcuffs, to their squad care.

Prior to this event, Mrs. Brokenbow, who’s a retired secretary, filled a request form which stunned staff working at the care home.

She wrote:

‘My wish is… to be arrested. I am 104 and I have never been on the wrong side of the law.’

Mrs. Brokenbow was delighted with the experience of being on the wrong side of the law for a change.

She explained:

 ‘I had a lovely day it was interesting. Nothing like that ever happened to me before. They put the handcuffs on, I had the lot.

‘What did it feel like being a criminal? Well it will make me much more careful of what I say and do. But the police were very nice throughout.’

Mrs. Brokenbow, who also lives with dementia, has been a resident at the care home for 11 months, where she has regular visits from her granddaughter Sasha, who she also raised.

‘I was a secretary at the Robertsons jam factory for many years,’ she said.

‘I worked in the offices there. I didn’t do anything very special but I worked quite hard.’

In describing her surreal experience, Mrs. Brokenbow said:

‘It was a very pleasant interlude. And its been a very eventful day. I get to a lot of different activities here – I have a go at everything, they’re very nice to me.

I bet not many people describe being thrown in the “pokey” quite like that.