For most, it’s hard to imagine a world where we live in homes or apartments that only offer between 225 and 800 square feet of space.

While this scenario may seem like a nightmare to many, especially those with children, it’s proving to be a fantastic solution in America’s oldest indoor shopping mall.

That’s right.

Riding the tiny house craze that’s taken hold in recent years, inside of The Arcade in Providence, Rhode Island, you’ll find 48 apartments equipped with everything someone would need to live comfortably.

Also, the fact that the building itself dates back to 1829, and was made a national landmark in the 1970s, only adds to the project’s brilliance.

Don’t believe it? Check it out for yourself.

YouTube / Kirsten Dirksen

As a matter of fact:

Grandoff’s initiative has become so popular that there’s actually a waiting list to move into The Arcade.

Even more incredible:

The homes are very reasonably priced when you consider that tenants are being offered downtown living quarters.

YouTube / Kirsten Dirksen

You can also find micro-lofts in places like Portland and New York, but while those apartments are valued at $1,000 per month, The Arcade’s lofts only cost around $750.

Find out more about these tiny abodes in this video.