We don’t always know what we mean to those in our lives until they’re asked to share their feelings. If you’re one who gets choked up by watching sentimental videos, this one will push all your emotional buttons. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. In fact, it’s important to let those around you know how you feel about them. This story involving Trenton and his little sister, Lindsay is one of the most heartwarming I’ve ever seen. After watching it, I have no doubt you’ll agree.

Lindsay is wheelchair bound; she was born with a rare disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. She doesn’t allow her disability to slow her down or get in her way of living a healthy life. It doesn’t hold her back one bit. And it’s because of the support she receives on a daily basis from her big brother, Trenton that keeps her on an equal footing with her environment.

She received an Unsung Hero award for all the great work she’s done. Lindsay doesn’t take all the credit for her accomplishments. She fully acknowledges the part her brother plays in allowing her to live her life.

Here’s where this tale gets tough to watch. For those with a stiff upper lip, be warned, you’ll have difficulty maintaining your composure. As Trenton was asked to explain what his sister means to him, the little man had a hard time gathering his thoughts.

I can completely relate to this, as I have younger siblings of my own. I hate seeing them struggle and want to protect them from experiencing any vulnerabilities.

Trenton can hardly speak through the tears in his throat. Lindsay is even affected by his outpouring of emotion. To get the full impact of this touching sibling tale, you’ll have to watch the video. After you do, don’t forget to share this story. Be sure you tell those in your life what they mean to you too.