Eddie Browning, a 61-year-old Navy veteran was facing crushing hardships in his life.

Both he and his wife Cindy were living in a small camper van in Georgia, one which badly needed repairs following a fire.

With no heat and extensive damage to the camper, the couple was forced to spend every night in the freezing cold. They just did not have the means to change their situation.

What the couple did not know was that a group of elementary school children was working behind the scenes to change their lives forever.

In the spring of 2017, the Brownings were brought to the Georgia Tiny House Festival, being held on a local farm. Eddie and Cindy thought they were there to check out a bunch of small-scale homes on display.

What they didn’t realize was that their prayers were being answered.

The children surprised the homeless couple with their own tiny house!

The wheels of motion started months earlier when the children first had the idea. Soon, news of their plan spread and thousands of generous donors from around the country pitched in to make the children’s plan a reality.

Soon the overwhelmed couple was touring their new tiny home for the first time, with tears of joy in their eyes.

This is just one example of how children make our world a better place. While adults argue over this and that, children more often than not can sometimes offer the best answers based on the purest principals. They are truly God’s blessing.