Few things can anger a parent more than when someone hurts their child.

For Alice Martin, a resident of Arizona, this anger became a reality when she says something inexcusable happened to her child at daycare, just five days after she signed her toddler, Rosalyn, up for daycare at the Creative Beginnings Daycare in Tucson.

She’s now accusing the preschool of negligence and reported what should have been an avoidable situation to the police and the department of health.

“It’s stomach-turning,” Martin told KOLD News 13. “It feels both angry and sad at the same time. At first, I was like ‘are those really bite marks?’ And then, my brain kinda stopped thinking and I started crying.”

“The fact they didn’t notify me even when I picked her up is just astounding. I know that a child getting bitten that many times would be crying and very upset. You always want to protect your children and I feel like that didn’t happen. I feel like I left her with someone that didn’t look out for her at all.”

Martin has since shared numerous photos of the very red bite marks on Facebook which as of this article has received over 11,000 shares, and is loaded with comments from outraged people all over the world.


Martin was told by an investigating officer that the bite marks, which were inflicted on Rosalyn back in February, were most likely caused by another child. No arrests have been made.

Creative Beginnings Daycare has not released a statement addressing this incident, and a spokesperson for the Department of Health said they were not able to comment on ongoing investigations, reports the Daily Mail.

“The fact that nobody intervened in how many minutes, maybe they were left alone, maybe they disregarded the cries, I don’t know, but it takes some time to do that kind of biting and my daughter would have been very upset,” Martin added.

This mom should be commended for her self control in this situation; many parents would be in jail if something like this happened to their child.