Desperation, depression, and despair are all horrible things to feel, but when all three are combined all at once, it can be overwhelming. In a heartbreaking tragedy in Colombia, they overtook one woman, who jumped from a bridge to her death. But she didn’t go down alone. She took her 10-year-old son with her.

Screengrab via YouTube video

Debt collectors had been hounding Jessy Paola Moreno Cruz, 32. When she stood atop the La Variante Bridge in Tolima with May Ceballos, her 10-year-old son, the people who were begging her to come down may not have known just all that she had been suffering.

Ibague Mayor Guillermo Jaramillo shared this after the tragedy.

“This ends up hurting or even costing the life of the person. This lady, who was a single mother, unfortunately, was desperate at the pressure of [paying back] debts,’ Jaramillo said.”

They begged her not to jump, but it was to no avail. As her terrified son begged her to let him go, she jumped to her death, 330 feet below.


Rafel Rico, a firefighter, told this to local media.

“They begged her not to do it and tried to convince her to stop… but sadly, she took the fatal decision.”

Screengrab via YouTube video

One rescuer was seen sobbing and falling to his knees after witnessing the horrible event play out.


It’s hard to understand why a mother would do this. We do understand her depression and despair, but to take her child’s life? It’s unfathomable. The murder/suicide is being investigated. May they both rest in peace.


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