Fans of country music may recognize the name Joey Martin Feek.

She was a country singer and musician who lived an extraordinary life. Sadly, she said her final goodbyes to this world in 2016.

Back in 2014, Joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She embarked on a grueling course of surgery and treatments, that initially seemed to cure her.

Sadly, just one year later, she began to get sick again. The test determined that her cancer had returned and was metastasizing to her colon.

Once again Joey was determined to best her disease, receiving both radiation and chemotherapy treatment. Sadly, this time the procedure wasn’t effective.

Eventually, Joey and her husband Rory came to a joint decision for her to cease treatment.

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I'm sincerely heart broken after learning the news of country artist Joey passing today. Those who have followed her story in country music know it's been one of love, being in the moment, and living to the fullest. While cancer effects many of us personally, our families and our friends, it's our duty to embrace the little things in life such as a beautiful sunset, a child laughing, and telling someone you love them…just because! We will never get this time back. Life is a series of moments. Those that have been through it and have experienced it, know and understand it. It's up to us to honor those that are fighting the fight and to honor those that have lost their battle to embrace the here and now. I can't imagine how difficult it was for Joey to sing this song knowing she may not be here. It's raw and real and her memory will live on through her voice. Rory is blessed to have an amazing wife who had the courage to sing this song knowing that the end would come. As a woman who knows countless women who have been in this position & recovered, and now currently going through treatment & to those that we have lost….we owe it to them to embrace the small moments and at the same time live life to the fullest. I think "I hope you dance" by Lee Ann Womack sums it up. #breastcancer #cervicalcancer #cancersucks #roryandjoey #roryandjoeyfeek #i #cancer #cancerawareness #countrymusic#cervicalcancer #breastcancersurvivor #country #tennessee #indiana #liveinthemonent #omoravr #god @coachtomferry #loveyourwife #noregrets #realestate @roryandjoey #thesimplethingsinlife #countrymusic #cmasneedtohonorhere #tooyoung

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Instead, the couple would focus on relishing what little time they had left as a family. Their goal was to help Joey find comfort in her final days.

Joey was set up in hospice care, where she was able to stay close to Rory and her 1-year-old daughter Indiana.

The brave 40-year-old mom spent all the time she could with Indiana and her pet puppies. They cuddled, played,  talked, and laughed together.

Time to say goodbye

Joey and her husband Rory also performed a beautiful song titled “When I’m Gone,” addressing the singer’s impending death.

As time went on, cancer began to break her down, and Joey required morphine to deal with the pain. Joey, passed away in March 2016, just after Indiana’s second birthday.

Meanwhile, her husband Rory continues to live on the farm they shared together while raising Indiana.

Here’s a touching video capturing a heartfelt moment between Joey and Indiana during her final days.

May God bless Rory and Indiana, we are sure Joey is smiling down on them from heaven!