It’s getting more and more rare to find married couples who stay together through the decades. The one question that couples who have been married for 40, 50, 60 or more years are often asked is what their secret is? And the answers are almost always something different.

Some couples say things like “never got to bed without resolving an argument,” something which many mental health professionals agree with.

Also, trust and communication is also a common answer; advice especially helpful for newlyweds.

But one North Carolina couple’s answer may deserve special attention as they recently celebrated their 82nd wedding anniversary.

Even more incredible, the couple also celebrated their 100th and 103rd birthdays within seven days of each other.

But while their lives and marriage may be long and textured with many ups and downs, their advice for a successful marriage is pretty straightforward.

D.W. Williams, 103, and Willie Williams, 100, were guests of honor at a celebration held by a north Charlotte church paying tribute to the couple’s wedding anniversary and birthdays by singing hymns and sharing laughter with friends and family.

“To see them at this age and still doing well, it’s just a blessing to have them here,” granddaughter BJ Williams-Greene said, according to Boston 25 News.

The couple is not far behind making it into the record books for the oldest living couple by aggregate age. This record is currently held by 100-year-old Miyako and her husband Masao Matsumoto, 108 from Japan.

However, D.W. and Willie claim that there’s no big complicated secret to their successful marriage, “just be nice to each other,” Willie Williams said.

They said that they’ve lived through wars, the depression, and the civil rights era, according to Boston 25 News.

Now that’s some advice that would make us all better people if who made an effort to remember it more often.