Sometimes when we look at the elderly around us, it’s hard for us to imagine what they were like when they were younger. Though they may be fail, weak, and slow now, there was a time when they were young and full of energy and possibilities.

Sham Idrees, an English-Canadian YouTube personality, actor, and singer-songwriter, wanted to create a video that would remind us to appreciate our elders – whether they be parents, grandparents, or other people in our lives – and show them the respect they deserve.

The video starts out with an elderly father and his daughter walking to the car. She is in a hurry and on her phone and tells him to hurry up – he’s being annoying.

With a sad look in his eyes, her father thinks back to what it was like when they were both younger.

The video is a heartrending one, but one with a good message to show love and respect to our elders and remember that, as they were once there for us, we should be there for them.

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