A woman from Worcester, Massachusetts answered her door and was surprised when a man steps in front of her. It’s the local auto repairman at her door, and she gives him a piece of her mind for scaring her.

“Jesus Christ! What the hell you scaring me like that for?” she says.

The man explains “I have something for you.”

Now most of us would be highly skeptical at that point, but she steps outside, forgetting to put on her shoes. Then she notices that someone is there filming her and has a funny reaction.

“You’re a little ba*****!”

The repairman holds out a piece of paper and explains that he’s heard about her situation.

“I understand through the grapevine that you need, that you don’t have a set of wheels.”

“I don’t,” she replies.

That’s when she gets an amazing surprise. He heard that the woman was disabled in a motorcycle accident several years ago and since then she has had no means of transportation. Now, the Good Samaritan is there to film her reaction as he gives her a car –for free!

He hands her the keys. When she realizes what he’s done, she is overcome with emotion and gives him a big hug as she bursts into tears. Although he explains the car isn’t perfect and “has its flaws,” she is filled with pure gratitude. It’s a joy to share in the moment of generosity and kindness.

She gets the key and gives the man a big hug

She gets the key and gives the man a big hug

Her reaction will have you laughing, then smiling, and maybe even shedding a tear of your own. We all need to see more random acts of kindness like this one. Although not many of us could give away a car, it sure would be amazing wouldn’t it?

Her reaction: priceless.

See the video from the Daily Mail below:

Thanks to this man, she can live a better life! ?❤️

Thanks to this man, she can live a better life! ?❤️

Posted by Daily Mail Try Not To Cry on Monday, November 19, 2018

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