Wild animals are unpredictable. Owls make incredible night time predators. They’re agility, and keen senses make them majestic and amazing to watch. We rarely get to see a playful side to these beautiful animals. A viral video has come about showing Curbie the owl receiving a bath from a spray bottle.

His owner captured the awesome event on camera. After first spotting the squirt bottle, Curbie flew to her side and took a few sips. He didn’t stop there though. He stunned the internet with his regal response.

Curbie indulged a few spritzes from the bottle. He was thoroughly enjoying himself. He could’ve flown away, but the owl had other ideas. He lifted and spread his wings, extending them so his owner could wash them. She didn’t miss a single feather; the relaxed owl loved every minute of the attention.

To be sure his owner didn’t miss any of his feathers, he turned so she could spray his behind. With his bath complete, Curbie took off. See the adorable video for yourself. This cute owl is full of character.