After losing her pinky in a “freak accident” with a screen door in February, Libby Sanders was determined not to let her circumstances keep her down. “It’s just a pinky,” she said, “I’m very much a get up and keep going kind of person.”

However, despite her optimistic outlook, her husband, Matt, started to notice that her missing appendage was making her self-conscious – she would put her hand in her pocket or hold it with her other hand.

The couple has a tradition of watching TV together in bed at night, and Libby often paints her nails while they do so. Despite the time that has passed, though, she still often forgets that she’s missing her left pinky.

“So I was painting my nails,” she recalled, “and going to paint my left pinky. I was used to doing that forever and I laughed. It’s a bummer and I’m still not used to not painting it. I still go to paint it every time. You think eventually I’d be like nope, don’t have one. I had a sad look on my face, and I painted my husband’s pinky and he said ‘I’ll be your surrogate pinky for the rest of our lives’ and that was that.”

Libby posted some pictures of her and Matt’s hands with his painted pinky nail on Facebook and they almost immediately went viral. Her sweet post told of what her husband had done for her. “I cannot image a sweeter, kinder man,” she wrote. “No words adequately describe our love.”

What’s even better? This wasn’t a one-time deal! The pair changes their polish color every week, and Matt says he actually likes doing it because he can look down at his hand throughout the day and think of Libby.

We can all agree with Libby when she says, as far as husbands go, “I won the lottery.”

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