Woman Out For A Walk Finds Wriggling Trash Bag, Saves Three Crying Puppies Inside

Lucky, Vida, Suerte, Puppies

There are people who are cruel to animals just about everywhere, but there are many more people who are kind. An animal rescue worker in Norma, Italy, Susanna Bergamaschi, was out walking with a friend on June 28 when her kindness would mean life or death for three little puppies, abandoned by someone unimaginably cruel. It’s suspected the monster had put the puppies in a trash bag and thrown it from their car window.

A man walking his dog heard the sound of whimpering and directed Bergamaschi to the source.

Bergamaschi has rescued untold hundreds of dogs and cats and knew that familiar sound. She headed for it and was shocked to discover a white plastic trash bag wriggling around.

Her friends grabbed the wriggling bag and began to open it. It was sealed tight, but the puppies somehow had survived and loudly cried for help. As soon as the bag was opened, the rescuers lifted out the puppies one by one and their distraught heartbreaking cries grew.

Two white puppies and one black puppy were ok, but just in time. Their luck went from horrible to amazing in seconds, as they landed in Bergamaschi’s care.

See the shocking video below:

Aggiornamento ore 11:00 del 28/06/18 seconda poppata fatta, ora dormono … sto allattando ogni due ore e mangiano 15 ml ciascuno circa ❤️Oggi alle 19:30 circa a metà della Norma/Cori provincia di Latina. Sono arrabbiata ma molto arrabbiata con questo genere umano insensibile e crudele a tal punto da gettare dal finestrino dell’auto tre anime indifese… vorrei che arrivasse a quel gran bastardo questo messaggio: ti auguro ogni male possibile di questo mondo e se si può anche dell’altro 😡 ora stanno con me e speriamo che riescano a sopravvivere … si cerca mamma balia che possa allattarli almeno fino a quando non saranno fuori pericolo… al momento ci sto pensando io ma spero comprendiate che sono tre e vanno allattati ogni due ore… che Dio mi dia la forza 🙏🏻 due femminucce e il nero maschietto

Posted by Susanna Bergamaschi on Thursday, June 28, 2018


Back at home, the puppies were well-fed and cuddled together on comfy blankets and beds. The rescuer gave them their names, Suerte -luck, Vida-life, and Lucky.

After hand-feeding at all hours, Bergamaschi located a suitable surrogate mom for the puppies, another rescued dog willing to feed the trio of hungry mouths, Lilly.

Stanno spuntando i dentini 😁

Posted by Susanna Bergamaschi on Wednesday, July 18, 2018


The puppies began to grow at a fast rate and sprout teeth.

Today, the three pups couldn’t be more adorable and are looking for forever homes. We wish them, and Bergamaschi all the luck. 🍀🍀🍀

Thank you for being so kind in a world that can sometimes be so cruel.

E crescono 😍 ma x Suerte ancora nulla… dove sono finite tutte le richieste iniziali 🤔

Posted by Susanna Bergamaschi on Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Featured image: Screenshots via Facebook