We all know that Ellen DeGeneres loves surprises and loves helping people out when they are in need. She has given people all sorts of different things to help them live better lives and live out their dreams. It’s no surprise that she has earned the nickname “Ellen DeGenerous.”

Even better than her surprises sometimes are her recipients’ reactions to them, and this video is no exception. During one of Ellen’s tapings, one of her audience members was stunned to see Ellen take a phone call from her husband who was away doing military training in Missouri. He told Ellen that he had missed their tenth wedding anniversary – the first one he had ever had to miss – and asked the host if she could do something special for his wife.

Ellen invited his wife, Mary, down to the stage for a chat. Mary told her about how hard it was for her and her two sons to have their husband and dad gone, especially when their car was in such bad shape that they weren’t able to drive from their home in Oklahoma to see him.

In a move that shocked Mary, Ellen pulled out a card with information about the family car and told her that she should go visit her husband…in her brand new Ford Escape! Overcome with emotion, Mary screamed and raced over to the car, barely able to stand.

Little did she know her surprise didn’t end there. Watch the video below to see what Ellen had in store for her next.

Mary’s reaction to seeing her husband is priceless! What a special moment for the adorable couple!


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