A woman in Greece was out for a walk when she heard cries coming from a nearby dumpster. When she looked inside, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“When I opened the trash can, I saw a newborn kitten tied inside a bag, hopelessly ‘mewing’ for help due to some irresponsible being, who had abandoned it there for a tragic death,” Georgia Spathoula said.

Georgia quickly untied the bag before the kitten perished in the trash and took it home. There she quickly found an unlikely helper who was more than willing to look after the kitten.

A local dog who had recently given birth gladly accepted the kitten. She let the kitten suckle and drink her own milk.

“I took it out and the neighborhood dog that had just given birth kindly let it nurse,” Georgia said. Not only would the kitten now receive life-giving nutrition, but she was also no longer an orphan.

We don’t know just yet how long the dog will continue mothering her newly adopted feline, but we do know that the kitten is off to a better second start at life.

Just when it seems like the world is full of an overwhelming amount of cruelty, kind souls like the woman who rescued the kitten and this sweet dog step in to make up the difference. The kitten may or may not remember her rescuers, but she will know that she was loved, and that is perhaps the greatest gift of all.

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