Janet Adamowicz, from Harrogate, North Yorkshire always remembered Boo, her kitten that she lost in 2005. She had Boo for four years and was desperate to find her after she disappeared from home without a trace.

She put up posters and asked around if anyone had seen the grey, white, and black-striped tabby cat. A few people told her they had seen Boo, but she would later find out they had the wrong cat in mind. She was crushed.

“I just assumed that I wouldn’t see her again,” explained Adamowicz. “I was absolutely heart-broken and talked about her so much after thirteen years.”

She moved on with her life, adopting two other cats, a three-legged cat named Ollie in 2008, and then a cat named Tessie in 2014. Yet she always remembered and missed Boo.

Then out of the blue this summer, Adamowicz got a call from a veterinarian in Pocklington, some 40 miles away.

The veterinarian explained that her stray cat had turned up.

“I explained that I had two cats and they were still at home with me and I lived 40 miles away,” she said.

That’s when she got the unbelievable news: The veterinarian had Boo, now 17-years-old.

Boo as she appears today

Boo as she appears today

The microchip that Adamowicz had seen to implanting in the cat as a kitten was suddenly proving extremely relevant and important.

The elated woman rushed to the veterinarian’s office, and when Boo was released from her kennel, everyone said it was obvious she recognized her long-lost owner.

“Everybody said that she knew me. She was rubbing my face and everybody said she just recognized me,” said Adamowicz.

Janet Adamowicz with Boo

Janet Adamowicz with Boo

Now Boo is back at home at last.

“She’s a little old lady, but she’s settled in really well and she’s really agile, and yeah, she’s gorgeous.”

Janet Adamowicz with Boo

Janet Adamowicz with Boo

She realized that the reunion would never have been possible except for one thing.

“If I hadn’t had the chip then there’d have been no chance of them finding me,” she said.

See her explain what happened in the video from SWNS TV below:

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