Dogs truly are man’s best friend, and they prove that time and again when they continue to show us love and loyalty, even when our crazy human antics can be a little silly.

Kenny is one such loyal dog. His mom, Heather Stoddard, has two dogs and they have been sharing a big dog bed for a while, but she decided it was time Kenny got his own bed.

She found a bed online that looked perfect and went ahead and ordered it, not thinking to check the measurements first.

When the dog bed arrived, Heather couldn’t stop laughing. It turns out the bed she selected was meant for much smaller dogs than Kenny.

Ever the loyal dog, though, Kenny did what many of us do when we get a present we’re not too fond of – we pretend we like it and show our gratefulness anyway.

Heather’s daughter, Paeton Mathes, was so tickled by Kenny’s reaction to receiving the new bed that she posted some pictures of him trying it out on Twitter, and they soon went viral.

Paeton said Kenny still usually sleeps on his old bed at night, but he loves to lay on his tiny bed throughout the day.

What a precious dog Kenny is! No wonder we love dogs so much!

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