For most kids, Christmas is a time of excitement and joy. They’re looking forward to baking cookies and singing carols and seeing what presents Santa will bring them.

But for Desiree Williams’ kids, this Christmas is a sad one. They know they’ll never get the one present they truly want: their father back.

Desiree’s husband passed away very suddenly a few months ago and she has struggled to stay strong for her kids and support the family on her single salary.

It was very important to her that her kids have a good Christmas this year, but she was struggling to make ends meet, let alone buy them special gifts.

“This year it was so important for my kids to have a good Christmas because I couldn’t give them the one thing they wanted, which was their father back,” she said.

Desiree had put a bunch of items on layaway at Walmart, but she knew she would have to remove some of the items from her cart – there was no way she was going to be able to afford them.

Then she got an email from the store that left her stunned. It said that her balance of $580 was now at $0.

At first, Desiree thought it was a scam email, but when she called the store they confirmed it. An anonymous angel had come in and paid off her entire balance!

And it wasn’t just Desiree’s balance that had been wiped clean. This same person had paid for many others’ Christmas presents as well!

The mystery angel doesn’t want their identity revealed so Desiree can’t thank them in person, but she wants them to know how much their kindness means to her and her family.

“This person that did this for me, I don’t think they understand the severity of what this did for me. The burden it took off of me,” Desiree said.

While it will still be a tough Christmas, Desiree is grateful she can give her kids some special gifts that will help take their minds off their grief for a little while. As for her, she’s thankful to be reminded that there are still good people in this world who are shining the light of love and kindness.

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