Sometimes it can feel like there is one bad news story after another. I know that I always feel lost and angry with myself and wish I could do more to help.

This is a story about a man who was so fed up with bad news stories – he took matters in his own hands and vowed to do something himself.

Now, the heart-stopping moment former US Special Forces operator David Eubank rescues a young girl from the line of fire in Mosul has been caught on video.

David Eubank, 56, has garnered praise from around the world after he rescued the little girl in the northern Iraq city.

ISIS have been trying to take Mosul for the past eight months.

Free Burma Rangers

Eubank says he came across a horrific scene where he witnessed a group of civilians who had been gunned down by an ISIS sniper.

In the midst of the dead bodies he saw a toddler and a girl of five moving.

A video shows him running to save the girl as two other members of the self-styled aid group – the Free Burma Rangers – provide covering fire with machine guns. 

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