A Home Depot worker in Alaska is being hailed a hero after his lightening-quick reflexes saved a baby’s life.

Chris Strickland was just going about his usual business at the store when something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye.

An infant carseat had been placed on top of a shopping cart and, as the parents turned away from it to look at something, the carseat started to tip out of the cart.

With almost ninja-like reflexes, Chris lunged toward the carseat and was able to grab the baby just in the nick of time.


It’s a good thing he was there! The baby was not strapped into the seat and could have been seriously injured, or even killed, if Chris had not moved so quickly.

I’m sure this baby’s parents will be eternally grateful to Chris for his vigilance and quick actions that day.

This video is also a good reminder for parents to make sure their baby is safe and secure at all times – you just never know when an accident could happen. Thankfully in this case Chris was there to save the day!

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