Many children have a favorite toy or stuffed animal growing up. It’s the one they sleep with and carry with them everywhere.

Just watch Toy Story and look at the public’s reaction to it and you’ll know that there is just something special about the connection between a child and their favorite toy.

Daisy’s absolute favorite toy in the whole world was her stuffed puppy, Luna. She and that little puppy had many adventures together, but as fun as playing with Luna was, Daisy had always wished for a real puppy to call her own.

This year for Christmas her parents decided to make Daisy’s wish come true – they were going to make Luna come to life.

They brought Daisy and Luna into the living room and asked Daisy what her Christmas wish was.

“I wish that Luna was a real puppy,” she said.

Then her dad told her to close her eyes and stay very still and not open her eyes until he said.

Daisy sat on the couch hugging Luna tightly. When her mom tried to take Luna out of her arms Daisy couldn’t resist peeking, and that’s when she saw her Christmas surprise – a real live puppy!

Click below to see Daisy’s sweet reaction:


The overwhelmed little girl couldn’t hold back her tears as she looked at the sweet little puppy in her arms.

“Do you know how many weeks we’ve been planning this for you?” her mom asked. “Many, many, many weeks! It’s been the biggest secret in the whole world!”

It was clear that all those weeks of secrecy and planning had paid off.

“It was my favorite Christmas present ever!” Daisy told them. “I love her!”

Amazingly, the little puppy stayed calm and quiet throughout the whole ordeal. We know these two are going to be the best of friends!

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