There are people so vile they don’t deserve to walk among us. I have no empathy for those individuals who attempt to take or abuse children. They are sick and need serious looking after.

One man in Taiwan tried to kidnap a little girl. Thanks to her mother’s courage and the quick action of bystanders, he wasn’t successful. She is still safe, and the man is awaiting trial.

Security footage from the Neihu district in Taipei captured the frightening moment when a man, later identified as Chou tried to snatch a little girl from her mother.

Chou is seen skulking outside a restaurant as the mother and daughter passed by, presumably heading home from school. The 33-year-old predator grabbed hold of the little girl’s backpack.

The video shows an ensuing tug-of-war as the man and mother fight over the child. Her mother held onto her daughter’s hand for dear life as the man tugged at the backpack.

Bystanders soon arrived; cell phones in hand, they recorded the kidnapper. They contacted the authorities who quickly arrived on the scene.

When he was later arrested, chou claimed he mistook the mother and daughter for someone else. Police didn’t buy his explanation.

Though shaken by the terrifying incident with the would-be kidnapper, both mother and daughter were uninjured. As for Chou, according to News.Au, he was a swim instructor at a local pool and has lost his job while awaiting trial.

This little girl can count herself lucky. In Asia, children stolen from their families can find themselves in quite dire situations. Adults sell them as slave labor, prostitution or they are given to adoptive families.

I’m sure after this harrowing event, parents around the world are holding their children a little tighter.