Anyone who is a dog lover knows that animals tend to get into mischief. Sometimes this trouble can cause health problems that can go undetected. It usually isn’t long before astute owners notice their pet is not behaving as usual.

Tiki is an 8-year-old Labrador retriever. His human caregivers are two sisters, Sidney and Sara. The sisters, who live in Pittsburg, noticed something odd going on with Tiki. He wasn’t his usual happy self. Knowing Tiki wasn’t feeling well, the sisters took him to the vet to see what was wrong with their beloved friend.

Sidney and Sara knew Tiki’s problems were with his tummy. Emily Cottle, a vet tech, took x-rays of Tiki’s stomach. When the results came back, all Cottle noticed was an odd-looking mass in the pooch’s stomach.

Cottle didn’t know what this bulk was, but she was concerned it could be cancerous. She consulted with Dr. Hisham Ibrahim who said the mass should be surgically removed.

Only after opening Tiki up was the mystery of the large mass solved. To everyone’s relief, it wasn’t cancer. The vet staff finally knew why Tiki had such terrible tummy issues. Dr. Ibrahim removed 62 hair ties and eight pairs of underwear!

This thoroughly explains why the poor pooch hadn’t been feeling well. Swallowing what amounted to a drawer full of his human’s belongings would give any pup indigestion!

The vet saved Tiki in the nick of time and he will thankfully make a full recovery. 

Sidney and Sara realized they needed to make some minor changes in their home. To keep Tiki out, they’ve closed and locked their bedroom doors. Hopefully, if Tiki has any further tummy trouble, it will just be because he’s been given too many doggy treats!

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