Some tourists spend lots of money and hours on a whale watching boat hoping to catch a glimpse of the majestic creatures and come back with nothing, but these visitors to Mexico just had a once-in-a-life whale encounter that will leave many people super jealous!

Magdalena Bay, Mexico, is a popular destination for tourists hoping to catch sight of the endangered grey whale. These whales spend the winter months in the warmer waters which they use as their breeding grounds.

This boat of tourists was excited to see whales all around, but they weren’t prepared for what happened next.

As they searched for whales around them, one curious grey whale popped his head up right next to the boat!

The man closest to the whale bent down to pat its nose. Then, when the whale didn’t swim away, he leaned down and gave it a kiss!

I’ve seen people kissing whales and dolphins at Sea World, but I’ve never seen something like this in the wild!

This was an incredible experience this man is sure never to forget!

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