Part of the joy of being around kids is that they have no filters, expressing themselves truthfully and innocently in ways that can be hilarious. Funny moments can become the most treasured memories, retold for years for the rest of our lives.

One young mother, Teri O’Neil, 30, captured one such funny moment on video. She was expecting her second child and it wasn’t easy. She was late into her pregnancy at six months and having difficulty getting around the house sometimes.

Kid’s often mimic their moms, and one day, O’Neil noticed her fifteen-month-old, Olivia imitating the way she was waddling about. It was so funny that she decided to capture it on video.

“How does mama walk?” asked O’Neil.

Olivia appears and struts across the screen with her back arched, her belly pushed out, and a bemused and exaggerated expression on her face. The family dog comes over the check out the action as Mom laughs. Then Dad appears, giving his own best impression as he walks by in a similar fashion.

See the video below:


Another funny moment when a child imitated the walk of his pregnant mom was sent into America’s Funniest Home Videos.

“Can you walk like Momma?” a father asks his tiny toddler son.

Alex puts down his truck and imitates the walk, sticking out his belly and walking into the kitchen and back. You can hear the mother laughing in the background. Then the father decides to put her in the spotlight.

“Let’s see why Momma walks that way,” says the dad.

The camera pans to the heavily pregnant mom sitting on the sofa who tries to hide behind her hands. The child responds by imitating Mom’s hand gesture too.


In another home video, a father has named his pregnant wife’s walk, “The Mommy.” He asks his toddler son to:

“Do the Mommy.”

The young boy responds as his mother watches. Then the camera pans to her as she shakes her head and the father laughs. It’s the simple funny moments like this that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube