Some women start planning their wedding day when they’re little girls. They know what flowers they want and color scheme they see running through the setting of their special day. They invision the dress they’ll wear as they head down the aisle. Some women can be very particular and yes, demanding on this day. Personally, I think a wedding day should be relaxed and enjoyed by all, especially the bride.

For the friends and loved ones, weddings are unique too. Dads cry before walking their precious girls down the aisle. And maybe before or during the father-daughter dance with their now-married big girl. The father in this video sure got emotional.

One bride had a special gift just for her dad during their turn on the dance floor. One surprise he didn’t see coming. For the first half of the song, it was one the proud father knew and expected to hear. Suddenly, the music changed halfway through the piece; everyone in the room recognized the tiny voice singing so sweetly.

The voice was the bride when she was 3-years-old. The words changed. The wedding guests wept as they observed this precious moment between father and daughter. She sang, “I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family.”

What a sweet tribute to the first man she ever loved. The new bride held her father’s tear-stained face in her hands, her gesture so tender, so sweet. See for yourself in the emotional video below.