This chihuahua may be quite a bit smaller than his canine counterpart, but that did not mean he would be intimidated too easily when the time came for him to be bold.

In fact, Charlie the Chihuahua bravely stood up for the tiny, adorable kittens who could barely walk on their own.

It all happened when a big, black dog named Roxy became too excited when she encountered a group of four grey kittens in the park – and they were just too cute for her to stay away from!

In an attempt to get to know the kittens better, Roxy approached the little ones and playfully jumped around.

However, Roxy might have gotten too thrilled about befriending the nervous kittens as Charlie suddenly became worried that she might hurt them if she became too eager and playful.

That was when Charlie the Chihuahua stepped in to stop Roxy from getting too close for comfort.

Even though his size is maybe only a third of Roxy’s, Charlie bravely got in between the larger dog and the kittens to make sure everyone stayed safe.

Did Roxy ever get to befriend the sweet kittens at the end?

Check out the full video below to find out what happened: