When people noticed a German Shepherd sleeping under a gravestone in a cemetery in Belgrade, Serbia, they thought she must be mourning the death of a former master and keeping watch over him. She had dug a hole at the base of the headstone and appeared to be living inside it.

Animal rescuer Vesna Mihajloski decided to look into the situation, and what she found left her stunned.

It turned out the dog didn’t even know the person whose grave she was lying on. She just needed a safe home for her newborn puppies!

Figuring that the dog was a stray, Vesna decided to rescue her and her puppies. It wasn’t an easy task, as the momma dog was a bit distrustful of the people trying to come near her babies, but with the use of treats and lots of love the rescuers were able to gain the dog’s trust and lure her out of the hole.

They dewormed and vaccinated all of the dogs and got them settled into their new home. Now they are happy and healthy and loving life together as a family.

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