When Lance Stevens’ mom, Lucy, couldn’t sleep one night, he had the perfect solution to help her get a peaceful night’s sleep: wear her out from dancing.

It’s a unique cure for insomnia. Most people count sheep, meditate, take meds, or find some other solution, but this family has obviously been having fun dancing for a LONG time.

Watch this video and be prepared to have your heart warmed all over.

They were dancing to Meghan Trainor’s “Dear Future Husband” and having a marvelous time as Lance’s daughter watches from the side of the kitchen in delight. Midway through the song, Lucy exclaims “this is what happens when you can’t sleep in Louisiana.”

Lance posted the video online and within minutes it had gone viral and has been viewed millions of times.

Whatever Lucy said at the end of the dance had Lance cracking up so hard that he actually fell to the floor laughing.

One YouTube commenter said this.

“Thank you so much for sharing this awesome video. It brings me so much joy to see the smiles, hear the laughter, and watch the fun dance moves. LOVE so much that you and your mom are so close. I have two sons who are 17 and 19 and would love to do this with them. Maybe I will just have to watch this a million times more to finally catch on…thanks again!! Hope to see more fun and happy posts soon!! :)”

YouTuber user Baby Cheesa said she wishes Lance would give dance lessons.

“Lance Stevens 2.2 million that watched this secretly wish you could teach their men to dance. Wow”

Another user said that they were dancing the jitterbug.

It’s so cool and awesome how much this mother and son pair enjoy each other, and we can imagine that they have some wonderful memories of learning how to dance while Lance was growing up. We hope he’s teaching his own children how to “just dance”!