Five-year-old Danielle has been living with her foster parents, Sarah and Jim Koning, since 2014. Recently, the couple was finally able to adopt Danielle, along with another little girl, and officially make them part of their family.

The day was already a special one, but Danielle’s caseworker came up with an idea to make the big day even more memorable for the new family.

As the Koning family sat at the table in front of the judge, who should walk through the door but Cinderella, Ariel, Rapunzel, and several of the other Disney princesses. Prince Charming was there too, and the judge even got in on the action by dressing up as Snow White!

Little Danielle couldn’t believe her eyes, and she definitely couldn’t contain her smile.

Laura Mitchell, the executive director for Samaritas Foster Care Program, told ABC News that it was “obviously a very meaningful day. The hearing is definitely a celebration that the kids now have forever families. And it shows the love and compassion that our case workers have.”

Danielle will forever be grateful for her adoptive family, and she will definitely never forget the day she finally found her forever home.

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