For most high school students, senior year is the most anticipated year of their high school careers. Senior year signifies homecoming, prom, graduation, college applications, college acceptances, and freedom! Each event and opportunity carries the potential to add to the “Best Years of My Life” mantra that you’ll probably repeat to yourself during those stressful college nights.

As exciting as all of those things are, none of them would be the same without a few friends to celebrate and enjoy them with, and Hilliard Davidson High School senior Blake Mount officially has the best friends for the job.

Blake, 17, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, a rare and high-risk cancer which caused him to have to spend his high school homecoming night in the hospital. He was disappointed to miss the memorable night out with his friends.

Knowing this, Blake’s friend Caitlin O’Connor, along with hospital staff, Blake’s family, and their friends, put together an unexpected event for Blake right there at the hospital, giving him a homecoming party that he will never forget.

In a video from the special night we see Caitlin and some other friends surprise Blake in his hospital room, everyone dressed up and ready to have fun. Caitlin gave Blake a note that read, “I’m no Kekoa Crawford (referencing one of Blake’s favorite football players), but I’d like to score a date with you to HOCO.”

The group of friends even brought him an outfit to change into! They decorated a room in the hospital with streamers and signs and created a dance floor, played music, and spent the night together, all to make sure Blake didn’t miss out on a night he could never get back.

“We danced. And it was just like a real homecoming, except we were in a hospital and not in a gym,” Caitlin expressed.

What Blake is going through is unfortunate, but it does warm my heart to see that he has a great family, loving friends, and an awesome hospital staff who all want to make sure he enjoys the remainder of his high school months as much as possible.

Blake is scheduled to spend at least four months in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy and bone-marrow transplants. A GoFundMe page has been set up in his honor to help with his medical bills.

I hope the video of a few good friends going out of their way for one makes you smile. Share it to spread hope for others.

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