When we learn of the hardships others suffer, our own problems appear trivial and insignificant. Rahma Haruna was born to a loving family in Kano, Nigeria. All seemed well with the baby girl until she was around six months old.

She stopped growing. Rahma started missing milestones most children accomplish. Her limbs began to hurt. She wouldn’t move them. She eventually lost them. Despite not having access to medical care, her family did all they could for Rahma.

They tried making her life as comfortable as possible. Her brother, Fahad, would take her to see relatives. He knew this brought his sister joy.


To make it easier for everyone, Rahma’s family placed her inside a plastic bucket. During this time, the young woman remained very positive. She was grateful for her family for all they did for her. With all her challenges, Rahma decided to live her best life. She wanted to start her own business, owning a grocery store.

Local journalist, Sani Maikatanga wrote about Rahma so the whole world could come to know this wonderful inspirational woman. Photos of Rahma were shared in a post which went viral. Thanks to the popularity of her story, people from all around the world reached out to help Rahma obtain the things she needed. Some donated funds, but many wanted to help her by providing resources.

Sadly, on Christmas Day of 2016, Rahma passed away after a short illness. she was only 19-years-old. Rahma remained confident and robust till the end. It’s heartbreaking that she died so young without having the chance to fulfill her dreams; her inspiration and strength will live on.