While it’s hard to go back to school after summer, the excitement of a new year and fun new school supplies helps make the transition a little easier.

For some families, though, purchasing new supplies every year is just too difficult, so Walmart partnered with United Way and other organizations to start a Back to School Blitz where people can donate school supplies to families in need.

That’s where 18-year-old Kristopher Hudson comes in. Kristopher has been working at the Walmart in Bryant, Arkansas, so he can save money for college. He plans to attend Pulaski Tech in North Little Rock in the fall.

But even though he’s saving for tuition and his own school supplies, Kristopher uses a part of his paycheck each week to buy supplies for the drive. One time he walked in with $66 and was able to purchase 309 items!

When asked why he’s doing what he’s doing, Kristopher said he tries to live by the words his mother always told him: “Always encourage others.”

“The best feeling that you’ll ever have is when you get to help someone out,” he said, adding that he sees this work as his calling. He said he wants “to get the world to be a little happier. I want to make people smile.”

One thing’s for sure: Kristopher’s generosity and selfless spirit are going to help a lot of families in need this year, giving many students confidence and joy as they enter the new school year.

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