Ellen DeGeneres is known for her generosity, but she may have met her match in this incredible 24-year-old teacher from Georgia.

Ashlyn is an occupational therapist working at a school in one of the most poverty-stricken counties in not just Georgia, but the entire United States. In fact, the poverty level is so high and so many students qualify for free and reduced lunch that they have made it so the entire county receives free and reduced lunch.

But despite the difficult circumstances she works in and the tough situations she sees her kids in, Ashlyn continues to have a positive and upbeat attitude and says she lives to see smiles on those kids’ faces.

What’s really amazing – Ashlyn doesn’t even live near the district. She chooses to drive over 30 miles each way every day and take a pay cut so she can serve these special needs students.

To top it all off, the inspiring teacher puts at least 10 percent of her paycheck every month back into the school to get new equipment and supplies for her kids!

Ellen was so impressed with Ashlyn’s generosity and spirit that she decided to have the young teacher and her husband come on her show. The couple thought they were just coming as audience members, so they were more than a little surprised when they were told they would actually be on the show!

If that weren’t surprise enough, Ellen had something even bigger up her sleeve! Click below to see the moment that left Ashlyn completely stunned:


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