Visitors are usually a welcomed sight. Unless you’re busy, uninvited guests are a pleasure to encounter. Their unexpected arrival will force you to slow down and catch your breath if just to socialize for a few minutes. If you can’t take any time for them, there’s always the option to reschedule. But I hate turning people away, especially after they’ve taken the time to come and see me.

What if your guest arrived while you were out? And what if your guest wasn’t a human but a mountain lion?

Last week, one woman from Boulder, Colorado returned home to find a mountain lion in her residence. The beast wasn’t only not welcomed, but it became trapped in her home.

The Boulder police shared a picture on Twitter of the mountain lion sitting between a couch and coffee table. The tricky feline entered the home through a screen door. A neighbor posted a video online of the cat peering out a second story window.

“Last night, a mountain lion entered a home on Marine St through a screen door, No people were injured, but a house cat was killed. Please keep ground level doors and windows closed and locked at night and when you are not home. (This is also good advice for bears and burglars.)”

Though trapped inside, it took the Boulder Police and Colorado Parks and Wildlife over an hour to extricate the beast from the two-story home. Police coaxed the large cat out the front door just after midnight. They used non-lethal rounds to scare it from the area.

Other than her house cat, no one was injured. Keeping all main floor doors and windows closed and locked is, as the police say, the best way to prevent any uninvited, four-legged guests from making themselves at home.