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At the Phillies vs. Blue Jays game on Thursday night, a rogue ball was headed for the stands. Its target: a gentleman holding his napping daughter and the requisite ballpark souvenirs (programs, drink tray, probably several hot dog wrappers and the accompanying indigestion).

The results could have been disastrous. Or, you know, just kind of a bummer. A missed catch is always a bummer, right? Let the civilians have their glory!

No worries, because this super chill “super-dad” channeled his inner Yogi Berra and, well, we’ll let you watch what happened.

Be sure to note the reactions of the surrounding game-watchers, which range from awestruck (lady in red) to dumbfounded (man in gray) to utterly apathetic (bearded man, back right. Does he know where he is? Is he breathing?).

The daughter, who is not having this whole baseball thing, barely acknowledges the ordeal. It’s okay, naps are important. She probably has a great hand-drawn Father’s Day card coming his way.

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