Most of us can remember the pressure we felt walking into class to take our standardized tests for school. Everything was so official – the test booklets, the No. 2 pencils, the little bubbles we had to fill in. It always helped when we had a teacher who encouraged us to do our best and helped ease our fear and nerves.

Chandni Langford, a fifth-grade teacher in New Jersey, is one such teacher. Last week, her students walked into her classroom and found something truly special waiting for them on their desks.

On each desk, Chandni had written a personalized note to each of her students letting them know how special they were and encouraging them not to be nervous but to just try their best on the test.

In dry erase marker she tailored each message to what the student needed to hear. “Learning is your superpower,” she wrote on one. “Remember, never stop trying, and never stop growing your brain!”

On another she wrote, “We’re so proud of the progress you’ve made this year! Take your time, and work through the challenging problems!”

On the desk of one student who was taking the test for the first time she wrote, “I know this is the first time you are taking this test. Use all the tools, and grow your brain!”

Along with the heartfelt messages, Chandni left each student some donut holes, telling them, “Donut stress.”

In an even greater testament to this wonderful teacher and the love she has for her students, she didn’t sign her own name to the notes, but signed them from “Your Teachers,” sending a clear message to the kids that all of their teachers were behind them, supporting them and cheering them on.

What Chandni did for those kids that day and the lasting impact that her actions will have are unfathomable. This is something her students won’t soon forget.

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