Some people are so disgusting, so depraved; a jail cell is the best place for them. They don’t deserve to walk among society because the world isn’t safe with them in it.

One young woman is alive and her attacker is behind bars because she remained strong during her ordeal. She had the presence of mind and calm head to save her life and see a filthy criminal brought to justice.

When you’re alone, running errands and taking care of business, let this story be a reminder to you to never, ever let down your guard. Not for one moment should you ignore your gut, your heart, or intuition. If someone is following you and they’re making you feel uneasy, report them to the nearest security personnel. Better to be safe than sorry.

One evening, 21-year-old student, Jaila Gladden left her Carrollton, Georgia apartment for a quick trip to the supermarket. Jaila wouldn’t know this outing would forever change her life.

While in the grocery store parking lot, a man approached and asked the young woman for a lighter; Jaila didn’t have one. The guy continued following her. As she reached her vehicle, Jaila felt a knife blade pressed against her neck. Holding the weapon was that same man fron earlier.

For Jaila, her nightmare had just begun. The man drove them to an abandoned church where he sexually assaulted her. He then drove them to Atlanta. Once there, he wanted to know where the nearest gas station was located.

My heart aches for Jaila. This woman is going through every woman’s living hell. I can’t imagine the sheer terror and utter fear she experienced at the hands of this evil creep.
Jaila convinced the man she needed her phone to Google them. Instead of doing a search, she dimmed the brightness of the screen of her mobile device. She sent a text to her boyfriend with her location.

Her boyfriend said he knew something was wrong after receiving her text: “I immediately realized it was serious.

“She would never play like that; she would never say that for no reason.”

Not wasting another moment, Jaila’s boyfriend contacted the local police who reached out to the Atlanta PD. Back in Atlanta, a police officer observed a car matching the description of Jaila’s vehicle in a parking lot. Soon after, the suspect was arrested and in handcuffs.

The kidnapper’s long list of charges includes aggravated assault, rape, aggravated sodomy, false imprisonment, and aggravated assault against a police officer. Jaila was so brave for taking action to save her life. She’s lucky to be alive. Hopefully, her kidnapper won’t ever see the light of day again.