Warning: Images in this article may be disturbing to some readers.

One stray dog in Oman is being hailed a hero after what he did to save an abandoned newborn.

The starving dog was roaming the streets looking for food when he found something unbelievable in a trash heap.

There, tossed aside with the garbage, was a newborn baby, only a few hours old. The baby’s umbilical cord was still attached.

One might think that a starving dog would see this baby as an easy food source, but even though the baby’s parents didn’t recognize the value of its life, this dog most certainly did.

He picked up the baby in his mouth and carried it over to the front door of a nearby home where he placed the baby down gently. His loud barks caught the attention of the family who lived there, and when they opened their door they couldn’t believe their eyes!


The family rushed the baby to the hospital where they were miraculously able to save its life. If it hadn’t been for that stray dog, that baby would not have survived.

Sometimes it’s animals that teach us what humanity is truly all about.

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