Twelve-year-old McKenzie Carney has been suffering from a life-threatening illness known as mitochondrial disease. Because of this she has spent a lot of time in a wheelchair during her life, but what her father does for her in this video will have you in tears.

The disease that McKenzie suffers from can cause damage throughout her whole body since it often makes systems in her body fail. This tough little trooper fights through it all, though, even when she has to take long trips to Florida for her treatments.

A time of no worries came for this little girl when she was involved in a summer pageant. For her talent she decided to do a slow dance with her father, dancing to Miley Cyrus’ hit song, “The Climb.” She couldn’t have chosen a better song, being that it speaks about encouragement and going through life’s hardest battles. Very fitting for McKenzie!

In this video of the special father-daughter moment you can tell how much McKenzie’s father really cares about her – he even manages to get a huge smile out of her.

Click the video below to watch (but be sure to grab your tissues first)!