A young man in Jacksonville, Florida got a visit from his Mom and Dad on his birthday. They traveled all the way from Dayton, Ohio to be there.

The soon-to-be groom had a present ready for his father and caught the heart-warming moment on video. He planned to share the video with his sister in Ohio, but now it’s being shared all over the world!

The son had carefully prepared a photo-album for Dad, marked,

“Collect Moments, Not Things.”

The family looked over memories from all the years have gone by, a trip to Niagara Falls, Jersey Shore, Destin, and Vegas.

So many memories. They mused about the different hairstyles they have sported over the years, and how much they have changed.

“This is a few years ago. I don’t look that good anymore,” says the Dad.

Then the big moment happens: Dad turns to a page showing a tuxedo and the words,

“Dad, will you be my best man?”

“Yes,” says Dad, barely able to utter a sound as he is all choked up with emotion.

The look on the face of the parents really tells it all. The Dad is really emotional and touched, and starts weeping with joy. It’s so great to see how much love he has for his son.

Mom tries to help in a funny way, offering him a drink.

The heartwarming moment really tells the story of the incredibly strong bond between this father and son, developed over a lifetime of shared memories and experiences.

We hope we get to see a video of the wedding too, although it might be hard to top this!

See the video from ViralHog below:

See the video with some fun commentary by RightThisMinute below:

Son Asks Dad To Be His Best Man

For this groom in Florida, the decision was a no-brainer when it came to choosing his best man, and dad breaks down after getting the surprise question. So sweet! ❤️via ViralHog

Posted by RightThisMinute on Tuesday, April 17, 2018