While driving down a freeway or busy road, have you ever come across an animal needing saving? You can’t stop because of the traffic or conditions on the road. What do you do? One woman traveling down a freeway in Los Angeles experienced this terrible predicament. She spotted a lone kitten huddled and scared in the carpool lane.

She couldn’t pull over or stop because she couldn’t risk causing an accident. So she did the next best thing: she contacted local rescue group, Hope For Paws. She prayed the folks could reach the kitten before it was too late.

Rescuers Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankonyte received the text with the location of the kitty. They were returning from another rescue. They found the spot on the freeway the woman indicated. After passing the cat, they pulled over beside an exit. The kitty was still in danger. They needed to reach him without bringing harm to him or themselves. Traffic continued to zoom past.

“Once we were ready, Loreta Frankonyte and I broke into the freeway and stopped traffic completely,” Hagar wrote in a  video about the rescue. “Not knowing the kitten’s state of mind, I told Loreta I will approach from the front so he can  see me, and she will surprise him from behind.”

The two rescuers acted in tandem. “The plan worked perfectly, and people were happy to see us save little Napoleon,” Hagar said.

Once safely ensconced in their vehicle, Napoleon snuggled in Frankonyte’s lap. He was so relieved to be rescued. they contacted the woman who alerted them to his plight to thank her for reaching out to their rescue group.

Then, it was time to take him to the vet for a check-up. Napoleon was starving. He gobbled the food his lifesavers put before him. They realized he was so weak; there was no way he could’ve ended up where he was found on his own. They concluded someone must have tossed him from a car like a piece of trash.

“The little guy was sick, had an eye infection, he was so skinny, and I just have no idea how he could have made it to that side of the freeway,” Hagar said. “He was too weak to move, and there is just no way he could have crossed six lanes of traffic alone … someone must have done it to him.”

All was not lost for little Napoleon. He was treated for fleas and his eye infection. He’s doing better. This kitty is well on his way to living a healthy life. See his harrowing rescue in the video below. It’s a miracle he wasn’t struck by a car and killed. Thank goodness for that good Samaritan for doing the right thing.