Fifteen-year-old Monique was getting ready to celebrate her quinceañera, but the one person she wanted to be there for her couldn’t.

All of Monique’s friends and family had come to celebrate her birthday and this special moment in her life, but Monique’s brother, Mikey, wouldn’t be there because, ten years before, he had passed away in a car accident.

The pain of losing her brother has stuck with her and her family and will continue to for life. However, there is some good that has come out of the tragic situation.

As her family was grieving over Mikey’s death, there happened to be a girl named Aubrey who was ten years old and suffering from congenital heart disease. Aubrey had undergone two different heart transplants, but her body kept rejecting them. Doctors thought it would be almost impossible to find a true match for this little girl.

Then a true miracle happened – doctors discovered that Mikey and Aubrey matched perfectly. Mikey’s heart was given to Aubrey after he passed away, saving the little girl’s life.

Aubrey is now 18 years old and, for the first time, got to meet Monique and her family at the quinceañera. It was a surprise set up by Monique’s family, and when the two were finally introduced to one another there wasn’t a dry eye to be seen.

Monique was finally able to hear her brother’s heartbeat again.

It was a special moment, to say the least. See it for yourself by clicking below:

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